Mars Museum

  Let us bring the Red Planet directly to your Students!

Martian Materials™ Mars Museum is a new Pottsville, Pennsylvania based Museum dedicated to the Planet Mars. Currently we have inventory of actual Meteorites from the Planet Mars and Earth’s Moon.

We take the extremely rare extraterrestrial material and setup a day (or half day) long Museum in your school.   No travel necessary, we bring the Red Planet and Moon to you.

We have select Mars and Moon rocks that your students can physically touch. Allowing your students to hold the Red Planet and our Moon!

One of our Museum staff will stay with the display to answer questions.

There is a growing percentage of K-12 students that are seriously considering Elon Musk’s vision regarding a Human Mars Colony and how to be part of it. Next year SpaceX is taking two private citizens around the Moon. When our younger students eventually enter the workforce, they will be entering a job market that looks nothing like what we grew up with.

Jobs will be available both in space and on Earth for Moon and Mars colonies, in increasing numbers. We believe seeing Mars and the Moon up close now better prepares students for that likely future. We want students to really think about the future when they are holding part of another planet in their hand.

A total of 132 rocks are from the Planet Mars and another 134 from the Moon have ever been discovered. Due to sheer lack of inventory most people will never see part of another planet up close like this.

We own a handful of those Meteorites with complete documentation for your students to view and touch.  Click to Enlarge any image.

We would like to setup a small display of real Mars and Moon rocks in your classrooms for your students to visit.

We believe this is less stressful and less costly to a school district than a field trip, and one of our representatives will be there to answer any questions.  Small samples will be provided (under supervision) for students to hold in their hand of both Mars and Moon Rocks.

Our flat daily fee is modest compared to a field trip, and your students will see and physically hold the Red Planet and the Moon directly in their hands.

We currently service anywhere in the US, however travel costs will apply.

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